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All About Us
This page is all about us. Hi, And Welcome to our all about us page! :0) My name is Pam, and this is my husband, Danny. We have been happily married for 28 years. Now that's a long time! :0) We live in Spartanburg,South Carolina where we have lived all of our lives. We have 4 grown children, Theresa, Melissa, Danny JR., And Trampas. And we also have 5 wonderful, and precious grand-sons. Their names are Brandon, Baby Danny, Dakota, Caylup, and Skyler. They are the light of our lives! Now, getting back to Danny and me, ummmm, I'm just a stay at home wife, while my dear sweet hubby goes to work all day.He works at Auto Zone Auto Parts. He is the Parts Manager there,he likes his job, but it can get pretty hectic at times. He works long hours too, most days are around 12 hours a day. It gets pretty lonesome with-out him,but I understand that it takes all of those long hours to make a decent pay-check,and he's good at his job, and he loves it! So, all in all, that's all that matters! Right? Through the Week days I am here on this web, and on the Week-Ends it's me and Danny off to conquer the world!(yea, right!) We do hope that you will enjoy your visit here, we love for you to drop by at anytime. :0)Please drop us a line and let us know that you have been here, and maybe even tell us what you think about our home on the web. Well, we have all kinds of different things to do on our pages. Hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon.

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